What is FFMPEG web hosting and what it is used for

FFMPEG hosting is especially needed when someone will create a video sharing website where user from can upload their videos and share them with the world.

The most FFMPEG hosting provider offering an automatic installation of video scripts. So that the user is able to create a video sharing website easily with few clicks.

In case that someone has already established a video sharing website and just want to transfer it to another host; The most FFMPEG hosting services offer also a free of charge integration and transfer to their web host.

What exactly is FFMPEG?

FFMPEG is a video converter that converts a video file to required video format. The most common video streaming format is FLV followed by MP4. So when a user will upload a video file in WMV or MOV format FFMPEG will convert this video to FLV or MP4 so that it can be viewed on website.

Why are FLV and MP4 best video streaming formats?

FLV – “Flash video” is not a video format. FLV is a container that stores video file and audio file inside. The video format inside FLV can be different. It can be AVI or MP4. Also the Audio file can be stored as MP3 or AAC format. The video format behind FLV file is in most cases MP4.

Why is MP4 the best video format for streaming videos?

MP4 offers the best video quality by the best compressions ration.

This has two most advantageous aspects:

1) The user will see the best video quality while short loading times.

2) The website owner will save a lot of disc space and bandwidth when visitors request videos from website.

This will save a lot of money and will make the watching of video more enjoyable. With help of MP4 also users with slow internet connection can watch videos in acceptable quality without waiting too long.

With MP4 video the websites are able to store thousands of videos while using fewer disc space than any another popular video format.

The compressions technology behind MP4 is H.264 which is the most advanced video compression technology these days.

MP4 can be compressed also with many another video codecs like DivX or Xvid but all of them do not reach a good compressions/quality ratio like H264.

Which videos scripts are suggested to create a video sharing site?

They are few rules for choosing the best script:

1) The scripts should be under active development (no discontinued script). In case a bug will be discovered, it can be fixed by development team.

2) The script should be popular. Popular scripts have more add-ons, themes and features than scripts used by few user.

3) The script should be “future-proof”. The themes and functions must be easily upgradeable by web-master.

Paid or Free video script?

Paid scripts are not better than free available scripts.

There exist many premium video scripts where the client are frustrated over all the bugs in these scripts.

The best advantage of free scripts is that it is used by many people and anyone is able the enhance the code and fix the bugs on his own. People discover bugs, fix them and share the solution with the community of users of this script.
This makes the free software much stronger and future proof than software with protected code.

Paid software is always depending on development team. When the team is not well skilled or lazy then the software will contain a lot of bugs and they will continue to sell a buggy software over years.

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